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Signature Workshops

Tailor-made Marketing

Tailor-made Trainings

Some of our Signature Workshops

Off the shelf learning solutions

Our Signature Workshops have gained great popularity. Packed with interactive activities, case studies and practical tools, they deliver memorable learning experiences and impactful results.

Whether you’re looking to enhance leadership skills, foster team collaboration, or drive marketing excellence , our workshops are carefully crafted to inspire, empower, and transform your team.

Join the many organisations that have benefited from our highly acclaimed Signature Workshops and unlock your team’s full potential.

Headqu4rters-Branding from the inside out

Branding from the Inside Out ™

Master inside-out branding in this 9-hour course. Align values with decisions, create shared culture, and drive success. Learn impactful storytelling, define brand purpose, and build a strong brand platform. Gain vital insights for effective internal and external branding and positioning.

3-Half Days (9 hours)

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Headqu4rters-Know your customer

Know Your Customer Deeply ™

Unlock the full potential of customer-centricity with this workshop. Dive deep beyond surface-level observations and equip yourself with methodologies for genuine customer intimacy. Learn to create buyer personas, target effectively, and optimise customer journeys for enhanced experiences, delivering engaging customer experiences.

3-Half Days (10 hours)

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Headqu4rters-Modern Marketing Model

Strategic Thinking

Cultivate a sharpened strategic mindset, delving into a comprehensive view of business strengths, consumer engagement, and the competitive landscape, tailored to long-term objectives. This training enhances your decision-making with data-driven insights, ensuring alignment with organisational goals. Grasp the knack of articulating a clear, strategic vision, steering your organisation towards a prosperous horizon.

4 hours total

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Headqu4rters-Mastering Marketing Planning

Mastering Marketing Planning & Execution

We empower marketing professionals and business leaders with the knowledge and skills required to create effective annual marketing plans. By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive, real, actionable Marketing plan specifically tailored to your company. This plan serves as a practical guide for implementation, enabling brands to drive business growth effectively.

2-4 Half Days (6-12 hours)

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Headqu4rters-Culture Design

Culture by Design

Instead of experiencing Culture by Default, learn how to shape your organisation with Culture by Design to define your future state and evolve workplace culture. Through this interactive and practical workshop, we assemble and align your team around common goals, norms, rules, rituals and behaviours to inspire a positive and thriving work environment. This program is designed for large corporations wanting to assess and review their culture as well as SMEs and startups.

1-Full Day or 2-Half Days (6 hours)

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Headqu4rters-Marketing Bootcamp

Marketing BoostCamp ™

In a landscape where trends swiftly evolve or conversely, grow stagnant, marketers often find themselves at crossroads. This workshop is designed to inject that vital Boost, catalysing a reinvigorated perspective for large marketing teams or individual marketers from varied firms. Over two enriching days, you will dive into a complete program and bond with colleagues or with a collective of like-minded professionals.

2-Full Days (16 hours)

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Tailor-made Trainings

We assess your specific needs and design customised learning solutions

We conduct a complete assessment of your current capabilities using our proprietary Modern Marketing Model ™ methodology.

We also understand that people have different learning styles, so we tailor our training programs to align with your needs and culture. Our approach is designed to not only upskill teams today but also to inspire transformative mindsets for tomorrow.



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